For Information to NMPFA Membership and Nunthorpe, Marton and Ormesby Residents

NMPFA are to host an Extraordinary General Meeting, to provide members and residents alike the opportunity to meet NMPFA Charity Trustees to gain knowledge and understanding of the Charity status and processes developed over the last five years.

Members meeting Questions to be added to the Agenda:

For questions to be requested to be added to the Agenda, the following procedure is to be followed:

Individuals’ questions requiring the Charity Trustees’ answers, must firstly be submitted to their relevant Sporting Section Secretary/Committee.

Each Sporting Section Secretary and Committee have been provided with answers historically over the course of the last year for the purpose and requirement for this meeting.

If the Sporting Section Secretary or Committee are unable to answer the individuals’ question in the first instant, the question can be submitted for approval by the Charity Trustees.

If the Charity Trustees have already issued a previous response to the submitted question, the Charity Trustees will direct the Sporting Section Secretary/Committee to the previously supplied answer, for that Section to forward on to the individual who asked the initial question.

All questions that pass this initial process must be accompanied by the individuals’ details, to be added to the Agenda.

Within the meeting, the individual who requested the Agenda question will by called upon, to stand and ask their pertinent question.

The Charity Trustees will provide their answer and if available provide suitable documentation that coincides or complements their answer.

Attendees are reminded to reed both the EGM Policy and the Meeting Expectations and Behaviour Policy, prior to attending the meeting.

Meeting timings:

Nunthorpe & Marton Recreation Club Main Lounge

Saturday 10AM, 6th April 2024.