About Us

Nunthorpe & Marton Playing Fields Association is a registered Charitable Trust set up in 1965 following the offer from Lady Harrison to donate her field for the use of the residents of the then Parishes of Marton, Nunthorpe and Ormesby (within a radius of three quarters of a mile east of Nunthorpe railway station) for the playing of organised sports.

Management & Facilities

Cricket    12 wicket cricket square

Football  1 Snr Pitch, 4 junior pitches for all age groups

Quoits     3 pairs of rinks

Squash   4 courts, Gym & Sauna facilities

Tennis    7 courts

Car Park

Meeting Room  medium sized room for c20 people

Recreation Club,  Bar, club room & conservatory

Trustees are appointed annually at the AGM and comprise officers, representatives of Football, Running, Squash, Tennis and Recreation Club plus one representative living in each original parish. M’bro Council can also appoint members.

James Hayton (Chair, acting Treasurer & acting Secretary)

John McDermott (Nunthorpe)

Colin Geddes (Football)

Philip Cawood (Running)

Stewart Wright (Ormesby)

Geoff Smith (Squash)



Club History

Lady Harrison lived in Guisborough Road Nunthorpe overlooked the field.

A special committee was formed under the chairmanship of Mr Kirkland Hinton, to examine the viability of a scheme which would cater for football, cricket, tennis hockey and archery on the site.

Mr Hinton told the meeting that Lady Harrison’s proposed gift presented a wonderful opportunity to provide facilities that were sadly lacking in the Nunthorpe area, but if the scheme was to go ahead, it was essential that there should be co-operation between the local Parish Councils.

The acting secretary to the interim committee, revealed that the overall cost of the scheme would be £7,500. If £2,000 of this could be raised by public subscription, the Ministry of Education had promised £2,500, the remaining £3,500 would have to come from Nunthorpe and Marton Parish Councils and would be the equivalent of a 3d rate. Ormesby Parish council had already declined to support the scheme, although they would be represented in the proposed management committee. He told the meeting that the cost of maintaining the ground was estimated at £500 a year, which would be financed by club rents (£300) and Parish Council grants (£200) the equivalent of a 1d rate.

The land was subsequently transferred to the charitable trust on 17th February 1965 with the conveyance document becoming the Governing Document for the charity.