The PFA felt it reasonable to provide the following information to help best new members understand the direction the Charity is going in, based on previous events and decisions agreed to by the previous/current membership.

During 2018 the PFA had to let go our previous Junior Football Section due to financial and managerial issues that were at odds with the ethos of the Charity. As a consequence it was discovered a potential for liabilities against both the Charity facilities, representatives and membership.

To protect against such liabilities a number of corporate entity structures were reviewed initially by the PFA. These options were advertised and then presented to the attending membership of the time, all as per our constitution, with the agreed outcome being a vote to move the Charity structure to a more formal one of a Charity Incorporated Organisation (CIO) as this would mitigate against the issues found.



As per Charity statutory obligations, the PFA have engaged with the Charity Commission who have guided us through this process providing invaluable advice on a like for like Constitution etc. Together with the Charity’s Solicitors this process is now complete with only the land registry of the playing fields remaining to complete under the new Charity name, previously unregistered but now protected for the Community, the Charity and its aims and objects, for posterity.

This work has been provided by the PFA Trustees voluntarily, not for personnel gain, who are committed to providing voluntary services to the Charity on an ongoing basis. The PFA are also committed to providing the very best facilities for all sports and public recreation possible at the lowest cost.

NMPFA Committee. 25th Jan 2024